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Name:Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Birthdate:Jan 1
OOC Information:
Name: Catie
Age: Ancient
AIM: Catie79

IC Information:
Name: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Fandom: Soul Eater
Timeline: Chapter 68, where Black*Star and Tsubaki are fighting Chrona
Age: Unknown, appears to be 16

Appearance: Tsubaki is frequently described as pure fanservice. She's considerably taller than the other students, with a very curvy figure and long legs. She has black hair that is usually pulled up into a ponytail that reaches to her thighs. Her expression is almost always kind and polite with large, indigo eyes. Once she became part of Spartoi, she changed her attire from her former long dress to something more functional. She now wears a sleeveless, white top and a pair of short shorts. Her arms are wrapped to mid-bicep, and she wears thigh high black and white stockings with black shoes. The overall look is similar to Black*Star's new Spartoi uniform. While she has lost the extreme plunging neckline, she has retained the scarf around her neck and the star symbol, now on the pouch at her belt.

Abilities: Tsubaki is a Weapon that can be wielded by a Meister. She comes from a family famous for their weapons, descended from a weapon created by Arachne, and has inherited the ability to take on several different forms. These forms include chain sickles, a large shuriken, a ninja sword, and a smoke bomb. She can also take on the form of the Demon Sword, the blade form of her brother. She has five Shadow*Star techniques that she can use with Black*Star in her various weapon forms. She can sever his shadow and have it fight independently, and can make herself into Black*Star's double in order to confuse the enemy. She has been shown to turn her ponytail into a chain and sickle when not transformed into a weapon.

Personality: Dr. Stein described Tsubaki as a cooperative soul with a large amount of room to accept others. Many assume that she is the only weapon that could work with Black*Star's aggressive, self-centered soul, since she accepts him and believes in him so completely. She puts others above herself and is willing to do whatever she can to help anyone she meets. Her brother called her a scentless flower, unable to assert herself. Tsubaki is usually willing to go with whatever another person wants, so long as that is what makes them happy. She does not argue much, rarely disagreeing with anyone, but once her mind is made up she's very difficult to sway.

Underneath her kind, loving, accepting nature is a powerful soul with a spirit that can rival Black*Star. When put to the test, Tsubaki is capable of summoning an incredible amount of determination and strength. When fighting her brother, it was the strength of her soul that won the battle. Her loyalty to Black*Star is absolute, even if she is frequently left sighing and speechless by his outbursts. She really would prefer it if he would take some things more seriously, and is genuinely embarrassed by some of the things he does. He's far from perfect, but she's willing to accept him exactly as he is. She does tend to apologize for him, and try to tell people that he really is a good kid, even as Black*Star is in the middle of offending or alienating anyone within ear shot. There is an underlying tension that she could be replaced early in the series, but she seems more settled in her position as his partner by the time they reach Spartoi.

Tsubaki is also the type to always make it to class on time, to study hard (and coax her partner in an attempt to make him study), and is an excellent cook. She has a close friendship with Maka, close enough for Maka to wield her. Only in one form, but they are very capable together. Despite the fact that she is caught in situations that make her look very sexual, she has no history of behaving in a sexual manner or flirting with anyone. She's a sight to behold, and everyone knows it, but it's not something she thinks about or uses.

History: Tsubaki comes from a family of weapons, descending from the weapon made by Arachne. Their specialty is the ability to have multiple forms. This ability should have been inherited by her older brother, Masamune, but was instead inherited by Tsubaki. Her family has a large estate in Japan and lives in a very traditional style. She is shown wearing a yukata as a child, and in shots of her as a teen she is sleeping on a futon. It appears her extended family also lives there, but the only sibling mentioned is her older brother.

When she arrived at Shibusen for training as a Weapon (approximate age of 15, never specified), she saw Black*Star giving a speech from the top of the school about how he would surpass God. While the rest of the students walked away from what was clearly the display of an insane mind, Tsubaki stayed to the end. She even applauded when Black*Star was done. Black*Star was impressed that she was the only one to realize his abilities, Tsubaki liked the amount of will and self-confidence he was showing, and a partnership was born.

Due to Black*Star's habit of announcing his presence and making grand entrances, the duo did not manage to collect many souls. It takes 99 pre-Kishin and one witch soul to create a Death Scythe, and the pair had only managed to collect one pre-Kishin soul. Shinigami offers them the chance to go after one strong soul that would catch them up, but after realising the target is protecting a child, they let him go. It is also worthy of note that Black*Star considers peeping on his weapon in the baths to be worthy of practice.

Since their team is still behind on the soul count, they are sent to remedial lessons. Tsubaki and Black*Star manage to capture their target (and Black*Star tries to bribe the zombie into talking by lifting up Tsubaki's dress, a technique that doesn't work nearly as well for Soul and Maka). Tsubaki is kept out of most of the fight with Dr. Stein due to keeping their first target captured. The teams do manage to pass the remedial lesson, and Tsubaki continues to fuss over the defeated Black*Star.

The remedial lessons did not result in any more souls. Sid assigned Black*Star some extra work, cleaning the library, to try to change his ways. Instead, Tsubaki cleaned the library for him while he went hunting for the legendary weapon Excalibur. Fortunately, Black*Star learned first hand just why no one wanted to partner with the legendary weapon and eagerly returned to working with Tsubaki.

In a surprise move, Tsubaki and Black*Star were sent to hunt down the Demon Blade Masamune. While he was a powerful enough enemy to warrant Dr. Stein being assigned the mission, it was given to Masamune's younger sister. While on this trip, Tsubaki learned about Black*Star's past and how he is the last descendant of a hated clan of assassins. Tsubaki can clearly tell that Black*Star is bothered by the reactions he gets when people see the star tattoo on his arm. Before the conversation goes any further, the two race into the village to fight Masamune, who has possessed a village boy. Black*Star uses his wavelength technique to break Masamune's hold on the boy, and Tsubaki takes the sword. She battles her brother inside of the sword, trying to keep her soul from being devoured. In the end, her soul is too strong for Masamune to defeat, and she absorbs her brother, gaining the Demon Sword mode. This mode is too much for Black*Star to handle, and he has to begin training to learn to handle it.

When sent to London to fight a werewolf, Black*Star immediately attempts one of his Shadow*Star techniques, using the Demon Sword mode, only to collapse ten seconds in. With her Meister down and Maka unable to wield Soul due to their wavelengths no longer syncing, Maka wields Tsubaki instead. They don't have any trouble syncing, but Maka is a scythe tech and returns to wielding Soul while Tsubaki provides support. She's the one to play mediator to make Soul and Maka stop fighting long enough to synch up. After Maka knocks the werewolf from the bridge, Black*Star recovers just in time to use Tsubaki in shuriken mode to send the werewolf into the water.

At the Christmas Eve celebration, Black*Star and Tsubaki were two of the students and staff that were freed by Sid to prevent the resurrection of the Kishin below Shibusen. They powered past Medusa and let Maka and Soul handle Chrona, joining with Kid and the Thompson sisters to deal with the First Kishin resurrection attempt. After a brief delay fighting an illusion of the immortal werewolf, the two fought to prevent the black blood being injected. At the last second, Black*Star was caught in a hallucination and the First Kishin was resurrected. When Tsubaki refuses to use Demon Sword mode, unwilling to risk devouring Black*Star's soul, he leaves her behind and charges the First Kishin empty handed. He is knocked back, and the the First Kishin escapes while Tsubaki supports her partner.

After Maka and Soul run into Arachne, ending with Maka not being able to move and being rescued by one of the Death Scythes, Black*Star decides to go after Arachne for harming one of his comrades. Tsubaki, as always, goes with him. There, they encounter Mifune, the strong soul they fought at the start of the series. The witches working for Arachne have control of the child he protects, so Mifune has no choice but to fight. Black*Star is knocked back, and Tsubaki swaps back to her human form. Even at this point, she calls Mifune a good person, and asks why he's not a teacher at Shibusen. Mifune gives Black*Star a hint on how to control the Demon Sword mode, complimenting Tsubaki, and giving them a cure for Maka's curse before disappearing.

Black*Star goes through a phase of entering duels, leaving Tsubaki behind. He also starts to train with Tsubaki, trying to understand the second wavelength from her family, manifesting as a giant stag standing over Tsubaki. Attempting to learn team soul resonance is a bit of a catastrophe, with Maka and Black*Star unable to synch. Maka ends up leaving the team in tears, and Tsubaki actually punches Black*Star in the back of the head. He apologizes, and asks her to fix it. Tsubaki agrees with a smile. Tsubaki doesn't actually have to say much to trigger Maka realizing what was wrong. She returns to the team, and they are able to complete the exercise.

Since they passed the team soul resonance exercise, Black*Star and Tsubaki are sent on the mission to retrieve the weapon "Brew". When Maka loses track of Marie and Dr. Stein, they go inside the magnetic field to find them. Inside, they face Mosquito, a servant of Arachne. Despite the advanced soul resonance they manage to achieve with Soul's help, they are outmatched and are forced to retreat.

Forcing the Demon Sword mode is wearing out Black*Star's soul, with the possibility of killing him, so Tsubaki promises the nurse that she won't use that mode anymore. Kid notices how Black*Star is getting weaker. Tsubaki convinces him to go back to her family's home in Japan with her for a break. While there, Black*Star gets to meet Tsubaki's family, and specifically her father. Tsubaki is worried that Black*Star will follow her brother down the path of a demon. After talking to her family, Black*Star tries again to work with the Nakatsukasa purpose. He is able to find a reason to fight, not to kill but to revive the dead, finally able to merge their souls behind one purpose. With all doubt erased, he is able to safely use Tsubaki in Demon Sword mode.

When the teams are sent to attack Baba Yaga's castle, Black*Star and Tsubaki attack the front gate, putting all attention on them and off of the teams hidden inside. He faces Mifune for a third time, finally defeating him. Tsubaki caught the fallen Mifune, trying to help him back to the castle where the child he protected was waiting, but he died before she could get him there. Angela was taken back to Death City after Maka and Soul defeated Arachne, and Tsubaki seems to be particularly fond of the little witch, standing before Shinigami with the witches and playing with Angela afterward.

Shibusen's elite squad Spartoi is formed, including Tsubaki and Black*Star. Their first mission is to help hunt for Medusa. Instead, they run into Chrona with Ragnarok and a Black Clown. During the fight (where Black*Star reveals that he has three swords, Tsubaki, his blade hand, and the ultimate weapon that every man has down there, embarrassing the hell out of his weapon), it's revealed that Chrona has no memories of Maka. Despite this, Tsubaki pleads with Chrona to stop fighting and come back to Shibusen. Medusa sends in her allies to retrieve Chrona, since she will clearly not survive the battle. This is where Tsubaki is pulled from, the middle of the battle with Chrona.
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